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Community Evangelism
Song & Prayer Services
Special Events
Worship Assemblies & Bible Classes
Youth Gatherings
Sunday Bible Study
03/04/18, 09:30am
Sunday Worship
03/04/18, 10:20am
Song/Prayer Service
03/04/18, 02:30pm
Wednesday Bible Study & Worship
03/07/18, 07:00pm
True Stories - "Thomas Jones' Story"
03/11/18, 09:30am

Are We Too Rigid?
We address the question some have about how we approach Scripture; is our approach too narrow or strict?

True Stories - "Pat Riley's Story"
03/11/18, 10:30am

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
Pat’s story tackles the thorny question of suffering. We will go to Scripture and let God help us with this tough issue.

Devotional @ New Mark Care Center
03/11/18, 02:00pm
True Stories - "The Steubenville, Ohio Story"
03/11/18, 02:30pm

What’s Wrong with These Kids?
This tragic story from Steubenville, Ohio will help make parents aware of three grave dangers their kids are facing and
offer biblical guidance to help us help our children.

True Stories - "Todd's Story"
03/12/18, 07:00pm

Processing Your Prodigal
This story helps parents grieving over children who have fallen away.

True Stories - "The Coffee Shop Story"
03/13/18, 07:00pm

Why Do We Struggle to Teach the Lost?
This story helps identify the fundamental reason we do not reach lost people.

True Stories - "Carl McCunn's Story"
03/14/18, 07:00pm

What’s Your Plan for Getting Out of Here?
We know that we will all die one day; but what’s your plan after that? Carl’s story reminds us of how futile it is to live
life with no exit strategy.

Sunday Bible Study
03/18/18, 09:30am
Sunday Worship
03/18/18, 10:20am
Wednesday Bible Study & Worship
03/21/18, 07:00pm
Sunday Bible Study
03/25/18, 09:30am
Sunday Worship
03/25/18, 10:20am
Devotional @ New Mark Care Center
03/25/18, 02:00pm
Junior High Devo
03/25/18, 04:45pm

Home of John & Kim Powell

Tough Talk (HS-College Devo)
03/25/18, 05:00pm

Home of Mark & Rachel Kemple

Wednesday Bible Study & Worship
03/28/18, 07:00pm