We have now had a chance to review the amended order from Kansas City, Missouri that went into effect on Friday. There are specific changes to the order that will allow us to also make some changes in our assemblies. Beginning Sunday (5/2), we would request that you continue to wear a mask while entering, exiting, and moving within the building. Once you are seated in the auditorium or classes, you are welcome to remove your mask, if you are comfortable doing so. We will leave the seating with the recommended 6 feet distancing for the foreseeable future, until further amendments to the COVID-19 city order occur. We would ask that you please move forward to open seating in the front areas of the building to allow space for visitors. We are starting to reach capacity with our seating and we don’t want our visitors to feel as though there is no room for them. As always, there are exceptions to the mask requirements that have been published by the city and those are set forth below. Thank you so much for your cooperation. Please contact one of the elders if you have any questions or concerns.

Mask Exceptions:

Minors below the age of 5; and

Persons who have disabilities for which masks constitute a substantial impairment to their health and well-being based upon medical, behavioral, or legal direction

We must be very conscientious to maintain proper social distancing and limited contact with each other.

  • We will not be screening attendees, but are asking anyone with any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to please choose not to attend while symptoms are active. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL!
  • All will enter the building from the front main doors and move directly into the auditorium. The seating has been arranged to provide an area for each family. Those families will not be required to distance from each other. All families will be seated at least 6 feet from any other person or family. We are asking all movement in the auditorium to be kept to the absolute minimum.
  • Lord Supper will be provided in individual disposable containers with juice and a piece of unleavened bread that are prepackaged. You will pick up your individual container that will be sitting on a table as you enter.
  • If you want to give, a tray will be positioned by the exit doors as you are leaving the auditorium.8. Doors will be propped open when able.
  • The four upstairs restrooms (2 men’s and 2 women’s) outside the auditorium will be available, if necessary. Only one person should be in the restroom at a time unless family members are using the restroom together. There will be a sign on each door indicating “occupied/vacant”. Please use the signs to alert others to the availability of the restroom.
  • The restrooms and door handles will be cleaned before and after each service. This will be in addition to weekly cleaning by our service.