January - February

Hello, my brothers in Christ Church in Nashua beloved,
I am very glad to know that we will begin to preach in another area of my country.
We are taking advantage of the dry season to go out and preach.
This place is 45 minutes from where I live and there is no church.
Our intention is to find a family and start a new church with them there.
We do not know how much will last but prayed to our God for there to be a positive response there.
I personally am nervous but I'm also excited to begin talking about the word of God on the place.
That place is like everywhere, there are places with poor people, there are other places with proud people, but what we want to find God's help is that people who want to know the will of God.
Brethren, I invite you to pray all the work and interests of God in finding people who want to do the will of God.
Thank you very much for the support you all give me, and also for the news, words, contributions that some of you give me.
As for the visit to my country, you still have chance to come?
It will be a great honor to know who can come and greet us face to face.
Thank you very much and God and our Father be praised and adored throughout and glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for ever and ever.