Fall 2020

Fall 2020

We live in a world so desperate for hope! Everywhere, there is disappointment, division, and destruction.  But, there is also hope! The apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Colosse about a great mystery that God had revealed, “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). Through and in Jesus Christ, God offers a hope that is beyond compare! It is a sure hope, one surpassing anything else we can imagine or desire in this life.  It will never fade or fail. It can be fully trusted upon, believed in, and waited for. And, it will change our lives if and when we diligently pursue and rejoice in it.

Are you desperate for hope? Come, let us find hope together!

On Sunday mornings, from 9:30 - 10:10am, we will explore this hope that comes through Jesus Christ. You can attend in person at our building and online at our Website (see the home page). If you have a Facebook account, you can also join in our weekly conversation about hope at our Facebook Group page: Rejoicing in Hope

Lessons 1 to 3 can be downloaded here as one file, or by lessons below:

October 4/11 - Introduction and Lesson 1 - One Hope

October 18    - Lesson 2 - Saving Hope

Oct 25/Nov 1 - Lesson 3 - Living Hope

November 8/15- Lesson 4 - Victorious Hope

November 22/29 - Lesson 5 - Motivating Hope

December 6/13 - Lesson 6 - Healing Hope

December 20/27 - Lesson 7 - Bonding Hope


On Wednesday nights, from 7:00 - 7:40pm, we are following the life of Jesus Christ in the video series "Following the Messiah" by Appian Media. Come, let's follow the steps of the One who made this great hope possible! Select the following lesson titles for the videos clips we'll watch and discuss in class, or select the following document for all web links:
Video links, Lessons 1 - 13
Video links, Lessons 14-26

October 7
Episode 1.1  |  The Birth of Jesus

October 14
Episode 1.2  |  Nighttime Announcement & Dedication at the Temple

October 21
Episode 2.1  |  Jesus' Childhood in Nazareth

October 28
Episode 2.2  |  The Family Trip to Jerusalem

November 4
Episode 3.1  |  The Baptism of Jesus

November 11
Episode 3.2  |  The Temptation of Jesus

November 18
Episode 4.1  |  The Calling of the Apostles, part 1

November 25
Episode 4.2  |  The Calling of the Apostles, part 2

December 2
Episode 4.3  |  Capernaum, the Town of Jesus
Episode 5.1  |  Recalling Simeon and Anna
Episode 5.2  |  Jesus' Rejection at Nazareth
Episode 5.3  |  Jesus Calms the Sea
Episode 5.4  |  Who do people say that I am?

December 9
Episode 6.1  |  Miraculous Signs in the North
Episode 6.2  |  Miraculous Signs in the South

December 16
Episode 7.1  |  No One Taught Like Jesus!
Episode 7.2  |  Teaching Along the Way

December 23
Episode 8.1  |  The Last Week: Triumphal Entry
Episode 8.2  |  The Last Week: At the Temple
Episode 8.3  |  The Last Week: The Passover Meal

December 30
Episode 9.1  |  The Final Day: Gethsemane
Episode 9.2  |  The Final Day: Jewish Trials
Episode 9.3  |  The Final Day: Roman Trials

January 6
Episode 10.1  |  Jesus' Death
Episode 10.2  |  Jesus' Burial & Resurrection
Episode 10.3  |  Jesus' Appearances & Ascension