January - February

Beloved brethren, and respected elders of the church in Nashua,

This is my job for this month of November and December, the last of this year 2016.

I am very grateful to you for your great help in all these years of work in my country.

You have been the greatest blessing of the Lord my God, because you have helped me in all the things that have happened in my life and in my country.

You have helped me not to worry about the things that happen in life, you also have helped me to have the things that are needed to preach and prepare for the study of the holy scriptures.

In all these years, I was not worried about my food, shelter, or travel, because you, my beloved brethren, you have always helped me in all that is necessary.

The Alajuela church is a strong church, because the church in Alajuela has the preachers who have the time to study and work in the Lord's work.

These things happen thanks to our God, who blesses us, and you are a great blessing for us.

Thanks to you, I can travel and help other churches and teach them the wonders of God's word more accurately. Thanks to you, I am witness of new churches in my country, these churches are small and with poor and simple people, but Have a heart willing to obey the laws of God and also to love one another, all worshiping in spirit and truth.

All this is possible, because you have worked with me to achieve everything.

Now in my country passed the hurricane, also helped the poorest brothers have enough to begin again.

A very poor sister who was pregnant, lost everything, because the river took everything.

But with your help she was able to have her baby safely, with new clothes and all the things a mom needs to take care of her baby.

Also, all the brethren were able to receive everything necessary to begin anew.

Here I send pictures of them and the help received.

I was very busy with the studies, I was giving in Alajuela and so I could not go to that place, first because I was giving studies and second because there was no way to go, the roads were closed for people.

Then some brothers who work in the hospital and emergencies if they could enter, I sent them everything necessary to them on behalf of the church in Nashua

The first part of the money, you sent, we bought clothes and food.

The second part of the money the brothers will use it to buy seeds to sow and to work, because that place they work the earth.

With all this help was given to the brothers of the church in Upala and other areas affected by the hurricane.

Dear brothers and sisters, you have a home, shelter, food, work and hope for a new day, I want to say, you also helped them, those who lost everything, to feel the same thing that you feel when you wake up Every day and find That God blesses them with everything necessary to live.

Please, if you have questions or doubts about the money you sent, I am very happy to be able to answer all the questions and all the doubts, perhaps through this report I did not respond to something they expected.

You can see the photos that the brethren gave me in response to all the work done so they too can get up again and work.

Another news is the work in the church in Alajuela we have new members, one more baptism.

She is a new sister and her name is Ariela, others are studying with us, hopefully soon, that gives way to the big decision in their lives.

I for my part to you my brothers, I wish each of you a happy year 2017, many hugs.

My prayer is, we can continue to do all these great wonderful things for others, announcing to people the word of God and helping other brethren to grow in the fruits of the Spirit, and we can continue to sow the seed of the gospel in all hearts Until the coming of the Lord.

A very strong hug to everyone from the smallest child to the greatest in age.

To each and every one of you, I love you very much in the love of Christ.

The mercy of God be with us all forever,