A Study of Hebrews

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Every generation of disciples is tempted to listen to voices who say that there is a better way than God's way.  These voices all have one source... first heard in the Garden of Eden.  Those voices continue today... pressuring us to conclude that to trust in God and His way is lazy, weak-minded, delusional, unintelligent, unscientific, unrewarding, hurtful, discriminatory, hateful, etc.

Those voices are wrong.


Those voices are wrong because of one person... one Man... THE ONE who made the journey from heaven to earth and back... the Christ... the God-Man... the Son of God... the Lamb... High Priest... King... Great Shepherd...


Jesus is the difference-maker.  He is the ultimate case for God, for Bible authenticity, for faith and hope and meaning and purpose.  He ultimately is the One who makes life worth living.  We live... because of Him.

Jesus is God's better way.


And every generation of Christians needs to hear the message loudly and clearly: that if we are looking to Jesus and following Him, we are right where we need to be.


Starting July 5, 2020, we are streaming an online study of Hebrews.
Hebrews is a book/letter of unknown authorship written in the first century A.D. to Jewish disciples of Christ who were discouraged and wavering in their faith and facing pressure to return to Judaism.  The book's message is simple: "Jesus is better.  He is best.  Remember Him.  Look to Him.  Don't give up your confidence in Him."

If you are a disciple of Jesus, this study will bless you in your faith and strengthen you in this dark time.  Join the study.  Drink of the uplifting message of this great book.  Allow it to sharpen your focus and encourage your heart.

If you are undecided about Jesus... maybe interested, maybe not... maybe skeptical... or maybe someone who has decided you aren't a believer in Jesus... We're glad you found this page.  We hope you will at least check out a class or two.  We would love to hear your perspectives and dialogue with you about what brought you to where you are today.

Study material is linked below.  Please check this page periodically as other materials may be added.


Hebrews Study Guide by David Padfield
(Click on the link, or go to padfield.com, then to Books > NT Class Books)